River Cruise Packing

Packing can be very difficult for any trip. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when packing for a river cruise:

Don’t Pack Your Whole Closet!
Although one of the greatest advantages of river cruising is the ability to unpack once and store your empty suitcase under your bed instead of towing it from hotel to hotel, it doesn’t mean you should pack your entire closet. Most river cruises offer staterooms with limited space and you’ll want to maximize that space for relaxation. But, as many of you are probably wondering right now, how do you pack lightly and still have everything you will need?

Mix & Match
When packing (or shopping) for your river cruise, choose shirts, pants, shorts, and skirts that can be worn for multiple outfit combinations. The easiest way is to search for clothes with a simple color scheme – white, neutrals, pastels. Our rule of thumb is for each week you will be traveling, pack five to seven tops that complement three different bottoms. Also, keep in mind, comfort, and wrinkle-resistant, easy-care clothing will help feel even more relaxed.

Dress For Dinner (Sort Of)
Don’t expect to get all decked out for dinner on a river cruise. Some cruisers like to spruce up their attire for the evening, and here’s how: Using the colour-coordinated wardrobe you’ve packed for daytime, sprinkle in some fun pieces – scarves, shawls, jewelry, and stylish shoes. It will eliminate the need to pack separate evening wardrobe but still put an appropriate spin on your daytime attire.

Include the Right Elements for The Elements
Pack a light sweatshirt in case it gets a bit chilly. Your new friends might ask you to enjoy a drink and games up on the Sky Deck, or the forecast for your daily shore excursions might be unpredictable depending on the time of year you’re visiting. So, don’t forget to pack a hat and sunscreen for sunny days and a windbreaker for the occasional drizzle. Don’t worry, we provide umbrellas in case it rains while on ship or shore!

Most importantly, don’t forget comfortable walking shoes and layers. Both will be very useful during your river cruise.

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