Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

We work with leading travel insurance providers to offer you peace of mind and exceptional coverage. For a FREE quote, please visit our Manulife Global Travel Insurance Portal.

Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance

insurance1. Protection of overall investment
In the organization of your trip, you may spend not only a lot of money, but a lot of time and emotional effort too. Why not purchase travel insurance to reinforce all that hard work?

2. Affordability
No one wants to think of the bad things that could happen on a trip. But let’s face it, accidents happen. With travel insurance, they don’t have to cost you a fortune though. With one affordable purchase, you can rest assured as you lounge by the pool or get footloose on the dance floor that your trip is financially protected.

3. Shortfalls of existing coverage
Sometimes your employee benefits plan, credit card coverage, and/or government health insurance plan doesn’t cover all your emergency medical expenses. If their coverage doesn’t extend to certain situations, travel insurance can likely give you the complete coverage you’re after.

4. Cancelled trips
Whether it’s chickenpox, your flooded basement, or unmerciful weather conditions, you could have reason to forgo a trip entirely. With cancellation coverage, your investment in your trip doesn’t have to be completely lost.

5. Missed connections
Imagine missing your scheduled flight or cruise! You would be faced with lost time and extra expenses needed to get you caught up and back on track! Without insurance, this would be sure to put a damper on your travels.

6. Lost/damaged/delayed baggage
What if you lose your luggage that contains your important prescription medication? Or what if your passport is stolen? Insurance would provide you with the emergency cash to replace your luggage and help you in the emergency replacement of these items.

7. Emergency transportation
What if your trip destination does not offer adequate medical treatment for an emergency illness or injury? Your insurance would be able to provide medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility. It would also cover the expense of bringing you home if required.

8. Uncontrollable world events
Insurance would help cover you financially against all those unexpected events that are out of your control (e.g. weather storms and alerts, natural disasters, political unrest, terrorism, etc.)

9. Bankruptcy of airline, tour operator or cruise line
If you didn’t have travel insurance, you could lose the portion of your trip that was booked with a bankrupt carrier, or worse— stuck somewhere without assistance to get back home.

10. Travel assistance & concierge services
Want to feel like a VIP? Our insurance providers offer you 24/7 assistance with tasks like trip planning, ticket bookings, and dinner and event reservations, as well as emergency medical services and services in lost baggage retrieval.