Wanderlust Playlist

Experience the world through music—playlists, albums, and compilationsto inspire your travel dreams and stoke your wanderlust.

Bahamas: Find curated Bahamian playlists on Spotify like this one which features famous Bahamian artists like Ronnie Butler.

Barbados: Celebrate and support Barbadian music with the latest soca shows on Mixcloud.

Colombia: The Land of a Thousand Rhythms playlist is an introduction to the rich musical heritage of the country.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica Soundscapes by Eloisa Matheu captures the sounds of nature in many of Costa Rica’s National Parks. For sounds from humans, listen to Malpaís, a group of seven musicians with backgrounds across mixed genres, such as jazz, rock and classical music. Their jazz fusion portrays the sounds of Central American folk, Celtic, Rock and Calypso and Tambito.

India: Visit YouTube to enjoy this Hindustani music style playlist.

Ireland: On Apple music, listen to the Irish Traditional playlist for a variety of music from Irish labels. If you’re looking to party like it’s St. Paddy’s Day, try the ShamROCK Your Party playlist. On Spotify, discover the new generation of Irish Female Voices with this playlist.

Jamaica: On Spotify, check out the Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright playlist featuring new artists and legends like Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley, and genres of dancehall, ska, and reggae.

Peru: Discover the best of Peruvian music with this excellent compilation.

Spain: Listen to the latest hits and favourites from Spain on the Made in Spain playlist.

Wales: Enjoy The Welsh Choirs playlist on Spotify.

Bonus: If you’re a newcomer to opera or looking for the best arias ever written, discover this curated playlist featuring Italian, Austrian, English, and Russian composers.


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