TOP FIVE REASONS to Discover Asia & Arabia with Windstar Cruises

1. Best Value in Luxury Travel

  • 2 FREE Hotel Nights to begin or end your voyage
  • A spectacular private event, exclusively for Windstar guests
  • A spacious, all new suite in one of the most beautiful small luxury yachts at sea, Star Pride

2. In-Depth Local Experiences
Windstar connects you to the cultures and cuisines of these amazing places.

  • Expert guest lecturers accompany each voyage
  • Local entertainers, musicians, and artisans join us on board during each sailing.
  • Small group tours on shore take you closer and show you more

3. Acclaimed Itineraries
Windstar’s voyages are recognized for their unique itineraries and authentic experiences…

  • Fodor’s TOP TEN NEW CRUISE ITINERARIES IN 2014: Singapore & Malay Peninsula
  • Exclusive overnight experiences in both Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Da Nang: Treasures of Southeast Asia and Vietnam Unveiled

4. Special Access of a Windstar Yacht
Only Windstar’s beautiful yachts can take you close enough to experience these extraordinary places as they deserve to be seen…

  • Star Pride docks in city centers where larger ships can’t go — in the heart of Hong Kong, the center of Penang, in Halong Bay where junks come right alongside and allow you to board from the deck of your yacht
  • Cruise close to shorelines in Malaysia and Vietnam for breathtaking scenery others will miss

5. Convenience and Ease of Travel
Windstar’s hallmark combination of small ship luxury and world-class service on board and on shore are unmatched…

  • Travel on board with fewer than 300 pampered guests — no lines, no hassles, no cares
  • Complete peace of mind and utter convenience in Windstar’s hand-picked hotels
  • Turnkey, professional vacation planning with Windstar’s Asia experts

Book by April 25th and begin saving today!

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