The Word Is Out!

Imagine Cruise & Travel, your local professional travel advisors for 30 years were voted Best of the City in the annual Nanaimo Bulletin awards. Thank you!

And congratulations to our stellar team of advisors!

Their firsthand experience and knowledge provide travel experiences above and beyond.

Annemari Hermans has an amazing knowledge of Northern Europe and Europe in general, having travelled by ship, car, train, and on many river cruises. She has travelled with many groups from 10 to 200 guests—the most recent was to the Amazon Jungle and an incredible Galapagos week cruise. Next on her itinerary are Portugal and Norway.

Marion Kliment has been in the industry for over 30 years—with many travels to the Caribbean and Mexico (a true lover of sunshine and warm climates). Marion has explored Europe via river and ocean cruising and has experienced Asia via ocean cruising and land experiences. She also has a deep knowledge of Africa!

Mary Parker has been around the world three times! Mary is passionate about history, geography, and architecture. She has travelled in many different forms—from expedition cruising in Greenland to river cruising across Europe. She has also enjoyed countless land tours including in South America and Newfoundland.

Shawn Kilner started travelling on her own at 12 years old and has covered most of the world since then. She loves river cruising with 6 to 150 guests and has experienced most of the rivers of Europe, Russia, and Asia. She will be heading to the Chobe River (Africa) in 2022. Shawn hosts several travel opportunities each year, travelling to Croatia, Provence and Burgundy, and Iceland in the next few years.


Now, more than ever, working with a professional and established travel agency is the best way to protect your travel investment. Combine that with the unprecedented pent-up demand to travel again and our business is booming! We need amazing travel advisors to embrace the unique opportunity ahead.

We are finding clients want to make up for lost time by going further and staying longer than before—to create new adventures and lasting memories. They need the help of a trusted advisor to create a trip of a lifetime. Could that be you?

What makes a great travel advisor?

  • Passion to see the world.
  • Deep knowledge of the land, people, and culture.
  • A love of service.
  • A great memory of what matters.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Being a wonderful geography detective.
  • The desire to plan, research and advise your travellers on the sights and sounds of the world—with no limits!
  • A circle of friends, family, and associates that are ready to talk travel.

Join our team today!  Enjoy the benefits of doing what you love.

Shawn is hosting a special discovery event in October 2021. Please contact us to sign up.

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