Sustainable Travel with Virtuoso

Virtuoso Travel Advisors provide travellers with more meaningful experiences in the best of the world’s natural settings, cities, and cultures. As a company, we’re committed to helping travellers explore the planet responsibly in a way that protects the places they love for future generations to come.

We believe that sustainable travel revolves around three pillars:

  • Travel that protects the planet

  • Travel that supports local economies

  • Travel that preserves cultural heritage

Virtuoso’s sustainability mission is to:

  • Highlight travel companies that champion sustainability.

  • Showcase success stories and raise awareness of how sustainable travel is transforming the travel industry for good.

  • Help travellers make informed decisions so that their trip isn’t just a great vacation, but one that makes a positive impact on the people and places they visit.

Virtuoso launched the Sustainable Tourism Leadership Awards in 2011 to celebrate travel companies and individuals who are making a difference, and host an annual Sustainability Summit with industry executives and advisors that help chart the path to a future of more purposeful travel.

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