Debunking the Singles Cruise Myths

Singles who love to travel may have heard a few things about singles-oriented vacations and group singles cruise, but most of them probably don’t really know what to expect. Many people share common misperceptions about singles cruises that stop them from venturing onboard and experiencing a fun vacation.

Some of the myths include:

Singles cruises are just one big party at sea. FALSE
While some cruisers do like to party, the majority of travelers are business professionals who want to take a break from their hectic lives and enjoy the new experiences a cruise vacation has to offer – only they don’t want to do it alone. Yes, there are parties and cocktail mixers onboard, but there are also a number of fun singles events that you can participate in that don’t involve alcohol such as dance lessons, board games, volleyball games and ice cream socials as well as a variety of singles-only shore excursions to choose from.

Everyone onboard a singles cruise is searching for their soul mate. FALSE
While some people are open to the idea of making a romantic connection with another cruiser, there are plenty of others who would like to meet new friends and people to travel with or simply just don’t want to travel alone. Many women in particular find joining a singles group for their vacation provides a safe way for them to travel on their own.

I’ll still find singles on a regular cruise. FALSE.
On a regular cruise, you might meet a few singles on the ship here and there, but you won”t be part of a large group of unmarried vacationers all looking for new friends and companions to meet and enjoy their vacation with.

I won’t have anything in common with the other travelers. FALSE.
Most singles cruises have between 50-150 people in the group so you will meet travelers from all around the country and even around the world. The group members often start off by sharing at least one common interest – a passion for travel, people and trying new experiences.

I’m too shy for such a big group of singles. FALSE.
Events are led by professional staff making it easy for shy people to join and get introduced to others. While most organized events attract a large number of singles, some of the more specialized activities such as the walk a mile club may give you a chance to interact with a smaller group of singles.

I won’t meet anyone my age on a singles cruise. FALSE.
Singles from their twenties to their sixties join singles cruises ensuring there will likely be a wide range of ages in your group. You can also choose to book an age-specific cruise such as a 20’s and 30’s cruise or one for Baby Boomers.

While a singles cruise is not for everyone, it is a fun vacation option for solo travelers who want to meet new friends and explore new destinations together.

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