Survey Shows Travellers Feel Safer Cruising Compared to Other Common Activities

A new Cruise Critic survey reveals that cruise travellers, especially those who have recently returned from sailing, are feeling safe when onboard, with some respondents indicating that they feel safer on cruise ships than they do on land. Over 61 percent of respondents said they feel “comfortable or very comfortable taking a cruise” compared to 44 percent of respondents who said they feel “the same level of comfort” taking a commercial flight. Respondents also said they feel more comfortable going on a cruise than going to an indoor concert or sporting event (28 percent), attending an indoor wedding (33 percent), going out to eat at a restaurant (57 percent) or attending an indoor house party with more than 10 guests who live outside of their home (29 percent). This survey was based on the responses of 6,418 Cruise Critic readers between 26JAN and 04FEB 2022.

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