G Adventures & Planeterra Project 100

We book many G Adventures trips and have travelled with G Adventures in Cuba, Bolivia, and Peru. We love supporting ALL that they do!

G Adventures partnered with the non-profit Planeterra in 2015 and launched the 50-in-5 Campaign with a goal to raise five million dollars and integrate 50 new social enterprise projects into G Adventures itineraries in five years. They surpassed that goal and have now integrated 75 projects globally! The next goal is 100 by 2020.

When you travel with G Adventures on a tour that visits a Planeterra project, you are helping make a difference simply by travelling. The more people that visit these projects, the more money that can stay in local communities and help locals find work, become empowered, and improve their lives.

Travelling with G Adventures is travelling sustainably and responsibly.

Learn more about their latest campaign here.

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