Enjoy Mother’s Day

May 5, 2014 by Regent Seven Seas Cruises
By Mara Papatheodorou, your Tastes & Traditions Expert

The world is a better place because of Mom, and Mother’s Day is an international celebration to honor and thank those ladies who make a difference in your life. Yes, loving notes along with gifts, flowers and favorite sweets are lovely gestures, but there’s no better way to say show your appreciation and enjoy time together than on a Regent Seven Seas cruise. Whether with a mother, grandmother, godmother, aunt or a motherly friend, at sea and in port, create happy and delicious memories as you sail, sip and savor your way through chosen destinations. Happy Mother’s Day!

SAIL: Anywhere Regent Seven Seas Cruises sails—whichever ports Mom wants to see.
SIP: Champagne, Wine or Mom’s favorite cocktail…it’s all included.
SAVOR: The delectable dishes aboard and the traditional tastes in port.

Fun facts about Mother’s Day:

How did Mother’s Day come about?
The ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to celebrate motherhood during annual spring festivals honoring fertility and family. In Greece, Rhea was the honored mother of many gods and goddesses, and in Rome she was known as Cybele. As early as the 16th century, the British began Mothering Sunday, a special church service that blessed mothers for all they did throughout the year for their children and loved ones.

Is Mother’s Day a holiday celebrated around the world?
The maternal influence is acknowledged everywhere. Spring is considered the season of birth so most countries have an official day to show their appreciation to all mothers. In many countries this day has a religious tie where hymns are sung, blessings are bestowed and special services are held.

How did it come to be celebrated in America?
In 1872, Bostonian activist Julia Ward Howe wrote a Mother’s Day proclamation stating, “an honor should be bestowed on mothers for all that they do.”Although not officially recognized, the idea began to take hold with Mother’s Peace Day Observations. Years later, as a tribute to her mother, Anna Jarvis became the official founder of Mother’s Day. In 1908, she pushed through legislation in her home state of West Virginia, the first state to officially celebrate the day. Then on May 8, 1914 President Woodrow Wilson signed a decree legally declaring the second Sunday of May Mother’s Day.

What is the story behind the tradition of sending flowers?
Flowers and mothers go hand in hand! They each represent beauty, delicacy, love, growth and resilience. On the first official Mother’s Day celebration, Anna Jarvis pinned her mother’s favorite flower–a carnation–on each Mom’s lapel as a badge of earned honor. Therefore many consider carnations to be the holiday’s signature flower, red when alive and white in her memory. However, motherhood’s official flower is the Lily but the established tradition is to give this special lady a bouquet of whatever her favorites are to enjoy. In fact, during the month of May because of the ritual, flowers and card sales peak throughout the world.

What should you get your mother this Mother’s Day?
All mothers generally want the same thing – to spend time with you. So, why don’t you spend some time with your mom and the rest of your loved ones aboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises? Taking a cruise is ideal and a spa treatment on board is appreciated too!

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